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May 7
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Draw this again (oldest drawing) by ynne-black Draw this again (oldest drawing) by ynne-black
This is one of the oldest drawings I could find, oh well. I drew it for my story back then... two characters lost their importance after few years, so in new version I only drew the relevant ones (also I still can't draw birds). :)
I don't remember much about the female on top, but the brown-haired girl is most important (she's that kind of brave and purposeful warrior, although her life is mostly civil) and later in the story she becomes a dragon rider, therefore dragon next to her. No it's in no way related to Eragon, I made those characters in 2000 or so, and in Czech it was several years later I think.

It's not exactly masterpiece, just something personal I did to relax after 2 weeks of struggling with annoying sickness.

My other "draw this again"s.
Pal-Lathien Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hádám, že nemá smysl psát, že je tam vidět pokrok :'D
Ale strašně se mi líbí Tvůj nynější styl a taky ty plošné stíny C:
ynne-black Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Ale i tak mě to těší. :)
Děkuju moc! :heart: Ještě s tím moc neumím, chci se víc zlepšit v realismu aby pak ty stylizovanější věci vypadaly líp, uvěřitelněji, ale snad se to postupně zlepšuje :3 Děkuju :)
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