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December 22, 2013


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Christmas time, right?

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 22, 2013, 5:21 PM
Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree 

Hello, hello :) For those of you who celebrate Christmas - do you already have all presents? Giggle I guess you do, because you're not as irresponsible as I'm...

It's basically 1,5 day from now... and I still need to finish 3 pictures (for my family, I draw cute little stuff instead of buying cute little stuff, because I'm saving money and I'm damn sure they wouldn't really appreciate those cheap and silly last-minute gifts that are very impersonal anyway) Sweating a little...

But that's how it is every year... I always say "I'll prepare presents in advance, I'll start in summer", but I end up finishing them during the night between 23th and 24th December.

Seriously, I'll start sooner next year. CURSE YOU! I'm legally adult now and this is easy-to-avoid stress; I will start sooner.

Haha, I can totally imagine my future self reading this and facepalming. I already see myself failing to fulfill this.

Anyways... I wish you all awesome, peaceful and warm Christmas holidays spent with your most loved ones. And if your friends/lovers live far away, I hope you'll spend some time on phone/skype/whatever, just to share that lovely time of year with them. :)

Merry Christmas~

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree 

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miu333 Dec 25, 2013  Student
Thank you very much. :) Have a beautiful holidays, too. <3
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